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2020-04-16 (news)

DIH4CPS aims to develop a network of DIHs in the Embedded and Cyber Physical Systems domain, by identifying and materializing service-based collaboration processes among them. First, the DIH4CPS Service Models and Specifications are going to be defined. Starting from the I4MS service models, the Ecosystem-Technology-Business (ETB) models will be improved and customized for the Embedded and Cyber Physical Systems domain.  
Its three main classes are:

  1. Ecosystem Services aim at creating, nurturing, expanding and connecting the local SME constituency. In particular, different roles need to be covered in the SME Digital Transformation processes: technology providers, technology users, competence centers, education and training hubs, business and market development experts, regional development agencies and associations;
  2. Technology Services aim at following the whole lifecycle of CPS technologies from conception to idea generation, from design to proof of concept, from MVP prototyping to commercialisation. They can be interpreted from the technology providers viewpoint and from the technology users viewpoint, through the steps of access-experiment-experience spiral model;
  3. Business Services are more related to high TRL solutions, identifying viable business models and compiling business and operational modelling CANVAS. Find raising services are also identified and modelled including private matchmaking or access to public (local regional) funding opportunities.

DIH4CPS project will add two class dimensions (Skills and Data) to the ETB model, moving to the extended ETBSD model.

Skills Services have been added since companies need to understand their status quo when they deal with digital technologies. Indeed, for manufacturers it is not enough to employ technology in their plants but they also need to deploy them in an adequate way. For doing this, they need to analyse their process, organizational and human capabilities maturity with the final aim of setting a skills improvement project.

Also Data services are linked to the adoption of digital technologies. Indeed, their use generate a huge amount of data, whose value needs to be grasped and exploited. However, manufacturing companies core activities are dedicated to the development, production and delivery of a product/service/solution portfolio. Therefore, they need support to conduct the new set of activities aimed at analysing data (Data acquisition and sensing, data processing & analysis, decision-making, physical-human action & interaction, data sharing).

In addition to the configuration of the service portfolio, also the DIH4CPS Customers Journeys is going to be defined. It aims at determining flexible service workflows for DIH customers, by combining ETBSD services of the catalogue towards the implementation of DIHs Unique Value Proposition. Some DIHs are in fact more targeting the development and commercialisation of new CPS technologies, some others are more interested in creating awareness and investments in the demand side of the marketplace. The experience journeys templates will consider both SME technology providers and users, defining progress gates and different levels of maturity and awareness.


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