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As the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing and has led to an unprecedented shutdown of public and economic life throughout European countries, the virus also is a serious challenge for the still young DIH4CPS project. Most project staff are forced to stay at home and a number of physical meetings need to be postponed until further notice. Even though the crisis brings many challenges for the daily work within the consortium, there are some advantages in having 12 Digital Innovation Hubs cooperating at a European level in our project. The huge competencies in digital technologies combined with…
DIH4CPS aims to develop a network of DIHs in the Embedded and Cyber Physical Systems domain, by identifying and materializing service-based collaboration processes among them. First, the DIH4CPS Service Models and Specifications are going to be defined. Starting from the I4MS service models, the Ecosystem-Technology-Business (ETB) models will be improved and customized for the Embedded and Cyber Physical Systems domain.   Its three main classes are: Ecosystem Services aim at creating, nurturing, expanding and connecting the local SME constituency. In particular, different roles…
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Between 15-17 January all 33 partners of the project met in Lisbon to kick-off the project called Fostering DIHs for Embedding Interoperability in Cyber-Physical Systems of European SMEs. The goal of the meeting hosted by UNINOVA was to have a place for introduction, discussion and planning. Partners introduced their company, the experiment they are participating in, and all work package was discussed during the three days of the meeting. The initiative of DIH4CPS will help European enterprises overcome innovation hurdles and establish Europe as a world leading…




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