microelectronics Micro and nano electronics, smart system integration

sensors  Sensors, actuators, MEMS, NEMS, RF

photonics_systems    Photonics, electronic and optical functional materials

screen  Screens and display technologies

embedded_systems Cyber physical systems (e.g. embedded systems)

IoT Internet of Things (e.g. connected devices, sensors and actuators networks)

artificial_intelligence Artificial Intelligence and cognitive systems

human_machine  Interaction technologies (e.g. human-machine Interaction, motion recognition and language technologies)

cyber_security Cyber security (including biometrics)

data_mining Data mining, big data, database management

augmentedReality Augmented and virtual reality, visualization


Simulation_ModellingSimulation and modelling

software_service Software as a service and service architectures

3dprint Additive manufacturing (3D printing)

ictICT management, logistics and business systems

E-Commerce  Internet services (e.g. web development, web production, design, networking, and e-commerce)

autonoumous Robotics and autonomous systems

e-govDigital solutions for governments


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